Timeless Stories
All products are stories. Stories we can touch, play and connect with. Furthermore, each person interacting with a product defines a brand new story, indeed. That's why we asked several real users of the very 1st edition of Timeless Boxes to share their personal #TimelessStory with us. The results were touching, surprising, inspiring. So we thought it would be awesome to document them in a series of short-films –which you can see below these lines. Keep coming, as we will keep posting them regularly, both here and in our Facebook page
The Timeless Story of
Lawrence Abrahamson
(New York)
The Timeless Story
of Ignasi Giró
(Barcelona and Paris)
The Timeless Story of
Kuki Bastos
(Austin and Madrid)
What about your story?
And you, what would you do with your Timeless Box? What do you find inspiring about this product? Don't hesitate sharing your story with us! We are looking forward to hear it, either in our Facebook page, either in our direct inbox: talk (at) timelessbox (dot) com. Thanks! Merci! Gracias!