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Send gifts to the future
The Timeless Box is a unique device created to send gifts and emotions to the future, knowing nothing will interfere with them until the day arrives, it opens automatically, and it unveils whatever you had put inside.
The Timeless Box, a product unique on its own, is a patented object and a registered brand.
In a world full of variables, the Timeless Box is a constant that guarantees something of yours will remain in the future.
Thanks to its rechargeable double battery system, our product can be locked during several years and be re-used after each opening.
All our boxes are manufactured in natural aluminum and manually assembled in Europe, to guarantee long-lasting quality.
Creating a product is hard. It takes time. Love. Sweat. Eventually, some pain, too. Many days you sit down to check the new prototypes with the manufacturers, and they are just not what you expected them to be. The loop starts again. You feel sad. But then, eventually, one sunny afternoon the guys come back. Bring a new version. Open a box. And then you look at it, you stare at it, and you can't stop smiling. Because the real thing you are now touching and playing with is extremely similar to the one you had dreamt to build a few years ago, when the first idea of it appeared in your mind. It is then, when this happens –if it actually happens!– that everything is justified. A new product is born. And you can't wait to share it with the world.
about time
Beyond anything, the Timeless Box is a story. A story that not only inspired us to make it happen, but that has inspired others, too, all the way long.
The "time boxes" that appear in the TV Show "Cuestión de tiempo" (a matter of time) are replicas of our very own product, and have been manufactured by our production teams following the same original design of the Timeless Box.
Finally, we truly believe we are not selling a product, but the experience this product will create in the hands of each person, life and moment.
"We are alive and we move. Through space, and through time. But sometimes, we can't be where and when we'd like to be. And we miss something, something special."
Presenting the TV Show "Cuestion de tiempo", RTVE, February 2016
"We can't make you time-travel. But we've created something that, somehow, does the trick."
on the media

"A poetic project by a former physicist to combat our real-time world."
"When the time is up, the lid will pop open, revealing the contents of the box."
"You can be flying, in deepest space, and they get a memory of you as if by magic."